Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bass tide approaching

A near perfect set of opportunities to catch bass on opening day or close to it presents itself this year on the south coast – current conditions might be considered difficult but that’s fine, it just adds positivity to the equation. It’s the sudden change around the 15th / 16th to south westerly that’s just perfect but not only that this is combined with an incredible set of NEW MOON tides too. A chance to catch em...the text below is from this post on Probassfisher - http://www.probassfisher.ie/2010/10/sequencing_27.html from a while back - expect an 'elastic to snap' on the 16th June.

The forecast was for the big blow to arrive quickly on the south coast on Friday late morning or early afternoon corresponding to a rising spring tide approaching the top of its cycle. What this would do and depending on the arrival time of the system would be to generate ideal fishing conditions for bass. Coastal water would be clear and break white in the increasing wind strength; the sudden wave activity generated would provide cover to hunt and also create feeding opportunities that haven’t existed for a number of days. All this was happening over a single rising tide on a spring cycle. It was a perfect short bass fishing storm that was visible from as early as the 10th of October – 12 days previously; this was the stretching of the elastic. It snapped on Friday somewhere around midday of the 22nd.

See latest forecasts here

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Further extensions

Published on Wednesday 20th May 2015

Coveney welcomes proposed ban on fishing for sea bass in waters around Ireland

The new regime will extend Ireland’s ban on seabass fishing to all EU vessels
Minister Simon Coveney TD, today strongly welcomed an EU Commission proposal for a comprehensive prohibition on commercial fishing for seabass in the Irish & Celtic Seas which underpins the conservation actions already taken by Ireland with regard to this vulnerable stock.
The Minister said “Ireland has had stringent measures in place for the protection of seabass, a very important angling species, for a long number of years. However, those measures only applied to Irish vessels. I have been very active over the past six months, lobbying the EU Commission and relevant Member States, on this issue. I am delighted that the EU finally recognises the lead taken by Ireland by extending our ban on commercial fishing to all EU vessels operating in the waters around Ireland.”
Minister Coveney added “The scientific advice for seabass is very worrying and we must all do our utmost to protect this stock. Ireland has been to the forefront in being the only EU Member State to afford maximum protection to this stock and today’s proposal will enhance that protection by making the Irish model obligatory for all EU vessels in the Irish & Celtic Seas.”
Once the measures are approved by the Council of Ministers, all commercial fishing for seabass will be prohibited in the waters around Ireland.

- See more at: http://www.merrionstreet.ie/en/News-Room/Releases/COVENEY_WELCOMES_PROPOSED_BAN_ON_FISHING_FOR_SEABASS_IN_WATERS_AROUND_IRELAND.html#sthash.xOnf8Xjp.dpuf

Second amendment of the Fishing Opportunities Regulation fixing for 2015 the fishing opportunities in the North Sea and in the Atlantic

(20/05/2015) The European Commission has today announced a further proposal aimed at halting the decline of sea bass in the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, Channel and North Sea.
The Commission’s proposal is the third of a series of proposals in relation to this stock this year. This proposal is addressed to the Council of Fisheries Ministers and will enable the ministers to decide about catch limits for particular fishing gears in order to protect sea bass. The Commission's proposal would also allow extending a prohibition, currently applied to Irish fishing vessels, to all Member State vessels in waters adjacent to Ireland.

Sea bass is a high value, iconic species for recreational and commercial fishermen; we need to act to address the declining state of the stock, to protect jobs and livelihoods. If the EU does not act decisively now, the risk for greater and long term losses to this valuable fish stock and to coastal communities will be increasing.

Scientific advice has clearly identified the need to drastically reduce catches of this species, following an increase in the fishing pressure and a reduction in reproduction.
Previously the Commission has implemented a short term ban on pelagic trawling until 30th April, preventing the targeting of this species during spawning aggregations. A previous amendment of the fishing opportunities regulation has already introduced a 3 fish bag limit for recreational fishermen.

This latest proposal envisages a maximum catch per month by gear type, limiting the targeting of the vulnerable stock but allowing for incidental catches.
Ireland in the 1990’s introduced a ban on commercial fishing for its flag vessels. This prohibition is proposed to be extended to other Member States in the Waters adjacent to Ireland outside of the UK 12 nm limit by the latest.
It is now up to the Council of Ministers to decide on the Commission's proposal.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


I have had to change my angling life again, not a problem! This change was borne of circumstances beyond my control and beyond the parameters of how I felt I could run my bass angling guiding business.

The ‘valid’ number of bass have 1-1-DSC_0107simply disappeared from the Wexford coast. 

Ten years of freedom to build something personally worthwhile were given to me by two people at the centre of my life. This  freedom was beyond value. Now I have time to contemplate the consequences and meaning of such a vast angling treasure. I was free to contemplate the rise of a tide over a location, free to rise from a warm bed at 02:00 hrs to bring people from around the world onto the coast to fish for bass, free to watch a breeze arrive across a mirrored sea. Free from the constraints of 9 to 5, time, mostly, had no consequence unless it was connected to tide or arrival or departure or season.

Now that I don’t have that same freedom my anticipation of being out on the coast to fish when I can is even more heightened, more valuable, more significant. Time cannot be wasted. I don’t regret not having the same freedom, I have been lucky beyond belief, worked hard, created luck,struggled, laughed, cried, failed, lost, learned, understood, witnessed and grew. I bring this with me now to my life, my family, my work and more than anything to my personal bass fishing.

The experience of having worked within that sense of freedom has made me aware that it is always there ready at any time that I might choose it again. Whenever I am ready, whenever the coast is right again!  I am waiting..

My main bass angling interests now lie in working slowly on Thirtyards over the next few years whilst developing some aspects of social media to support my visual interpretation of the unique Irish coastline. This will happen as I personally fish and sometimes perhaps work on small angling projects.

I will continue to guide for bass and seatrout fishing but only in a very limited fashion and mostly with fly fishing in mind. This decision has not been easy, but at this time there are simply too many reasons and aspects that currently exist in Irish bass fishing that make the change one that I am very happy to have made.

Thirtyards is a personal project. It is still largely a work in progress, a vehicle, a place, a companion perhaps. I anticipate Thirtyards coming slowly into existence over the latter half of season 2014 into 2015 and on-wards.

I have created Thirtyards largely as an accompaniment to a plan for a book. A book based in the bass fishing that I have encountered on the coast of Ireland whilst both fly and lure fishing. Thirtyards will also include a sense of some of my guiding days and the potential behind a service like saltwater guiding in Ireland. There’s no doubt that the many customer interactions, fishing days and magic moments, especially those of the last ten years self-employed and working as a full time bass fishing guide have been tremendous and at times beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I want, now, over the next few years to put those experiences down before they disappear. You can already find some of these ramblings and extracts and perhaps the start of the coming together of the book here on the Coastal Notes page. You can also find the fishing thoughts of many other people on these pages.

Thirtyards is a place too where you can find limited unique bespoke guided saltwater bass fishing adventures on the coast of Ireland and details of my saltwater fly fishing workshops. It is ultimately about a planned attempt to create something but its also about time and place rather than distance cast or numbers caught or how to or the latest gear guide… at this time an unmeasured bass fishing universe exists inside my mind. I’m trying my best to get it out there!

I feel a huge sense of anticipation, largely because I’m excited by what might lie ahead, and there’s a lot of time and indeed work ahead, but also, I am challenged by ‘what content’ might want to find its way onto Thirtyards and also what I might choose to leave out for the book…

I am consciously taking my time.

Thanks for stopping byon the odd occasion and perhaps we’ll meet someday, who knows, it might be in the right place at the right time!

Regards, and keep casting – Jim